Tony Bogar

I use a collaborative approach with a broad range of colleagues, from marketing gurus to technical experts, to devise broad communications strategy, online and offline. I then craft and deliver their messages in ways that resonate with selected audiences.

For instance, one project underway is establishing a communications framework for a winery and its long-standing sustainability efforts. We begin with the GOAL, the reason to do this. We then distill an overarching THEME. We determine all the various AUDIENCES we want to reach. We discover the PLATFORMS where they prefer to receive information (social media, email, print, outdoor, in-store, in person, etc.). Then we craft CUSTOMIZED MESSAGES for each and every one, as well as – when needed – an EDITORIAL CALENDAR, tasks and RESPONSIBILITIES, and TRAINING for the staff.

● Implement appropriate management models for social media campaigns (e.g. hub and spoke).
● Train teams on social media and other digital communications.
● Establish communications strategies and either implement or train staff to implement, depending on client preferences and capabilities.
● Oversee multiple websites from creation to redesign to maintenance.
● Assess and implement new CMS/CRM platforms.
● Edit the writings of CEOs, scientists, and myriad non-professionals with diplomacy and effectiveness.

I will continue to add to my portfolio and will begin to post my writings. At the moment, though, it’s the classic case of the cobbler’s children.

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