Tenacity and passion as the economy is crashin’

Culture magazine

I have launched several magazines in my career, but none makes me prouder than Culture: the word on cheese. I was the founding editor six years ago and the magazine just keeps getting stronger. Picture yourself in 2008, teaming with a magazine publisher and a cheese expert. You have tapped your network of writers and photographers. You have a designer. You have an editorial calendar and the stories are flowing in. The first issue is taking shape. Then … Lehman Brothers collapses. The world plummets into economic meltdown.

What to do? Edit – full steam ahead!

Launched in a recession by a skeleton crew, Culture not only survived but is thriving. It has become the best consumer cheese magazine out there. It won Niche Media’s 2014 Best Niche Consumer Magazine Award.

Never underestimate tenacity!

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